My 2018 Recap

Well, the guys have sat down to watch the Rose Bowl, so I finally have a moment to escape and write about this past year. I decided against the “Instagram Top 9” because of everything that happened this past year. This year of transformation just couldn’t be shown on an instastory. The person who started 2018 was so broken, hurt, and in need of approval of everything she did. She searched for love in the wrong people and hurt people along the way. But this year was truly a year of transformation, self love, loving others, and accepting others love. It was a beautiful journey that taught me to let go and let God. To cherish the moments that you are given in life. AND to let yourself be HAPPY. To stop reliving the past and ENJOY the life that you have. The good, the bad, and the good that comes from the bad.

So… here are my top 2018 moments.

My year started out with me moving back to NJ on a whim after graduating college, wondering where God was leading me, and trusting that He had something good. Boy, did he ever!!!

In January, I rested, took a much needed break, and was able to renew my relationship with Steven after years of being long distance.

In February, we celebrated the first Valentines Day together that nobody had to fly to the other for. It was a beautiful thing.

In March, I was able to spend good time with my family. I even got a new roommate… my little brother! Funny how life works out…

In April, I said goodbye to Bubba, the F150, and hello to the nameless SUV (my first big adult purchase). I will always miss Bubba, however my wallet does not.

In May, we went on a week long tour up through NY to Canada. We played for amazing people, laughed a lot, created amazing memories, and I saw a part of the country I had never been to.

In June, I said goodbye to my little brother (and the roommate that caught my blender on fire) as he departed on a cross country road trip on his way to college. Tears were definitely shed.

In July, I FINALLY performed a hometown show with Jo Dee Messina.

I also turned 22…

AND may have gotten engaged. It was a very busy month!

August was full of few pictures and LOTS of wedding planning.

Then there was September… when I finally got to call my boyfriend of 5 years my HUSBAND. (Still getting the hang of that word…) So many tears. So much happiness. So much that led up to that moment that made it even more special. He’s truly been my partner in life and now it’s official.

If you had told us in January that we would be getting married in September, we both would have laughed. We grew a lot in just a few months. By ourselves and together. 2017 was a really hard year for both of us and that required some healing. What can I say, God does amazing things when we trust Him.

October was full of going to everyone else’s weddings and so enjoying being newlyweds!

In November, I became a FabFitFun ambassador, re-strategized my business, and took a month off of music to plan for 2019.

In December, we were able to experience our first Christmas as a married couple and it was EXHAUSTING. We both played 4 Christmas Eve services, grabbed 4 hours of sleep, then jetted off to Florida to see family, and finally take that honeymoon.

The rest was SWEET. (That’s coming from someone who hasn’t taken more than 3 days off in 6 years…) In all honesty, I collapsed in that pool chair and slept. It was so amazing that I think I might not wait so long until I do it again.

Now, we’re sitting in our apartment. The apartment that we made into our “home” in 2018 and I cannot believe all that happened in 2018. On top of this monthly recap, I was also able to…

…use my God given abilities as a worship leader. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so at home on a stage.

I was also able to get past my fears, love myself, and even start modeling.

Just a few days before getting married, I also got baptized to publicly show how much God transformed my life. 2017 was mess. One day I’ll open up about the pain and hurt I was able to overcome, but today I am CELEBRATING. Because 2018 God truly transformed my life and I can NOT wait to see what he has in store for me as a daughter, wife, sister, and friend in 2019. Happy New Year everyone!

With Love,


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