My Winter Beauty Essentials

If you are anything like me, the winter months are really rough on your skin. I have combination skin, but you wouldn’t know that in the winter because my skin gets SOOO dry. I’m constantly applying chap stick and exfoliating to try to combat what the weather does to my skin. This winter, I found some wonderful products that do wonders to help me keep that soft, smooth skin all year long.


Skinfix Foaming Clay Cleanser – $15

I’m obsessed with this cleanser. I wash my face with it prior to putting on my makeup and at night after taking off my makeup. My face felt noticeably softer after only one use! It is a soft clay that starts to foam when you apply it to your face. Just make sure you apply it to damp skin. Dry skin or overly wet skin do not work as well with this product. It is also awesome because it is made of 99% all natural ingredients! As someone with lots of allergies to chemicals, I love knowing what I am putting on my skin. It is dermatologist recommended, allergy tested, and pH balanced. It also contains NO sulfates, synthetic fragrance, soy, gluten, dairy, dyes, parabens, or phthalates. Definitely worth a try! I’m hooked.



Skinfix Eczema Soothing Body Cream – $20

I’ve always struggled with eczema on my arms since I was a little girl, however I use this cream for so much more than just my arms. I got hooked on it after seeing how smooth it made my arms this winter, so I decided to try it on my legs as well. Let me tell you, it works wonders!!! I was getting self conscious of my legs at the gym because my legs were so dry.  A few uses of this cream at night and my legs are back to being super soft! Because it is an eczema cream, it is clinically proven to relieve itching and irritation that is caused by both eczema and dry skin. It is 98% natural and contains NO fragrance, steroids, hydrocortisone, gluten, soy, parabens, or phthalates.


e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator in Brown Sugar – $3

Everyone knows I love to do dark, dramatic or matte lips. Both of those are very hard to do when your lips are cracked. Dark colors and matte lipsticks show EVERYTHING! I found the miracle product to fix it though. AND it is only $3. Its a lip stick form, but it is actually a scrub. I apply it prior to putting on my makeup, leave it on for about 5 minutes while rubbing my lips together, and then wipe it off. Your lips will look so much healthier and a lot smoother. I still use chap stick every day on my lips, but this exfoliator is the real magic. I have no clue how I lived without it for so long!


I hope you enjoyed reading about my winter beauty essentials. If you try them out, I would love to hear your thoughts!

With Love,


(I was not paid to promote any of these products. Just really love how well they work!)

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