Redefining Beauty

fullsizerender_4Growing up, I always wanted to look exactly like the models in the magazines I read. Little did I know that those women didn’t even look like that. However, even though I would realize the unrealistic beauty standards set before me, I would still feel the need to try to reach them. Our perception of beauty has been skewed in media and altered with the power of photoshop.

Beauty has became a layer of makeup, perfect selfie lighting, and retouching an already flawless body. Let me tell you, I’m all about putting on some makeup and a cute dress for a night out… but when did it become unacceptable for women to bare their faces as is? When did beauty turn from all natural to anything but? If a woman wants to wear makeup, I fully support it, but why is it unacceptable if you don’t want to? My point is, our beauty standards need to be redefined, especially for young girls.

Ladies, embrace your natural, God given beauty. Don’t hide those freckles or those dimples. Enjoy being your unique and beautiful self. God only made one you. Don’t try to mask it in order to fit in. Choose makeups that highlight your natural features and don’t feel the need to follow every trend.

Based on what I have seen in the media, I believe we need to #redefinebeauty and it has to start somewhere. Beauty isn’t always just red carpet photos and being all dolled up. It can be a smile through a rough day. In an effort to encourage young women, I am posting this selfie to try to redefine our beauty standards. This was a Monday. It was a crazy day, second day hair, and I only had time for mascara. Despite all of that, I felt beautiful. Not because my makeup was “on fleek” but because I was simply and unapologetically me. I want that feeling for every young girl and woman out there. I encourage y’all to voice your opinions on redefining beauty as well.

With Love,


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